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Welcome to Rabbit Run Beagles

Our first beagle was born in 1997 and holds many titles including that of veteran champion. When we started breeding we didn’t know what was on the horizon.

We have had experience with terriers and schnauzers since our childhood, but our first beagle really surprised us; with its lively temperament, friendly character and easy going nature. We fell in love with this breed, we have increased our pack size step by step and now we can’t imagine our lives without beagles. We are very grateful to them not only for the many hours of pleasure that they have given to us but also because of the many friends we have made at home and abroad. We couldn’t imagine this with our first beagle...

And as we still get letters and emails from people that have bought beagles from us, we can claim that their beagles make them as happy as ours do us.

Jitka Šabatová

Pack of beagles with its owner Beagle in motion Beagle at a show Beagle’s puppy Beagle’s puppy in his new family

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